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CAFF 22 - Woo Ping - Fearless
CAFF 22 - Woo Ping - Fearless

Fearless (Director's cut)

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless !!

A biography of Chinese Martial Arts Legend Huo Yuanjia, who was the founder and spiritual guru of the Jin Wu Sports Federation.

Huo Yuan Jia became the most famous martial arts fighter in all of China at the turn of the 20th Century.

Huo faced personal tragedy but ultimately fought his way out of the darkness, defining the true spirit of martial arts - and also inspiring his nation.

The son of a great fighter who didn't wish for his child to follow in his footsteps, Huo resolves to teach himself how to fight - and win.

But as his fame as a martial arts master grows, so does his pride.

After an ill-advised fight leads to another master's death, members of Huo's family are slain in revenge.

Grieving and ashamed, Huo wanders the country in shock.

Near death, he is rescued by a woman from an idyllic village, and is offered simple kindness and generosity, that help him heal mentaly over a period of several years.

Huo realizes that the future of Martial Arts lies in sportsmanship and not brutality - and he rejoins society to apply what he has learned.

Returning to Tianjin, Huo takes steps to come to terms with his past and restore his family's name.

His graceful Mizong (Missing) Fist method of fighting brings Huo renewed success, and he forms the progressive Jingwu Sports Federation.

Taking note, duplicitous members of the Foreign Chamber of Commerce engineer a Shanghai tournament pitting Huo against Four fighters, each representing the major foreign powers in China.

Huo commits to the bout and faces off against, respectively, a British boxer, a Spanish swordsman, a Belgian soldier, and a Japanese martial artist.

What happened that day in 1910 has never been, and will never be, forgotten in China."